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On set dailies creation / Transcoding and Data Management


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With the advent of Digital Cinema, the job of DIT was created. And with ever growing resolutions and recording bitrates, entire days work can be lost if it is not left in the hands of a secure data handler. 
Acting as the bridge between on-set workflow and post production, the DIT is responsible for bringing all video material shot safely and securely onward into post production.

The Benefits
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>  Security

All files are backed up using Pomfort Silverstack, which verifies every bit of data transferred, so there’s no loss of information. 

>  Speed

With resolutions of up to 8K, the turnover on each camera card can be greatly improved using fast RAID systems utilizing the latest technology. 

>  Faster Editing

Everything is boosted by on-set creation of offline proxy files for editing, applied with LUT of your choosing, or graded from scratch on set. 

>  Mobility

Using a 2kw Honda generator and a 4x4 Ford 150 Pickup, I’m able to reach most locations in Iceland, and operate a DIT lab out of it, regardless of conditions. 

>  Support

If you need to send video material internationally through the internet, or have questions regarding technical issues, I’m your man. 


Past work


My name is Benedikt Johannesson, I’ve been an editor since 2003, and the knowledge from editing gave way to doing DIT work. I’ve also done online work for films to be released in theaters (final assembly, DCP packages, credit lists and final export). 

Some examples of my work include:

>  Produced and edited concerts recorded in Harpa concert Hall, for Icelandic bands Nýdönsk and Björgvin Halldórsson.

>  Data Manager & Editor for the recording of Landsmot Hestamanna (National Horse tournament in Iceland) in 2011, 2012 and 2014. 

>  Data Manager & highlights editor for the Icelandic broadcast of Euro 2016 football championships, for Kukl. 

>  DIT for ‘Spooks and Spirits’, an Icelandic film. 

>  DIT and online master for ‘City State 2: Brave Mens Blood’, an Icelandic film. 

>  Live stream, recording & editing of corporate shareholders meetings for firms such as Landsnet and Landsbankinn for example. 

>  Edited show reels for Kukl equipment rental 2017 and 2016.

>  Editor and production manager for Icelandic documentary ‘Africa Utd’, for Poppoli Pictures

>  Editor for Icelandic Documentary ‘Blindsker: Saga Bubba Morthens’, for Poppoli Pictures

>  Editor for Icelandic Documentary ‘Amazing Truth about Queen Raquela’, for Poppoli Pictures